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Murphy, Marcia A. The Collected Writings of Marcia A. Murphy: Christus Magnus Medicus Sanat (Christ, the Great Physician, Heals). Eugene: Resource Publications, 2020.
Author’s book webpage: https://hopeforrecovery.com/collected-writings/  

Murphy, Marcia A. To Loose the Bonds of Injustice: The Plight of the Mentally Ill and What the Church Can Do. Eugene: Resource Publications, 2018.
Author’s book webpage: https://www.hopeforrecovery.com/to-loose-the-bonds-of-injustice/

Allbooks Review International Editor’s Choice Award for 2011 Finalist
Murphy, Marcia A. Voices in the Rain: Meaning in Psychosis. Cedar Rapids, IA: Eagle Book Bindery, 2010. Eugene: Wipf & Stock Publishers, Reprint 2018.
Author’s book webpage: https://www.hopeforrecovery.com/voices-rain-meaning-psychosis/



“For I have trained myself
and am training myself always to be able to dance lightly in the service of thought.”

― Johannes Climacus
by Søren Kierkegaard




Marcia A. Murphy has published articles, essays, and works of creative nonfiction in professional psychiatric journals, five anthologies, the University of Iowa website Daily Palette, and the Daily Iowan and Quad City Times newspapers. She has also written a book-length memoir, Voices in the Rain: Meaning in Psychosis, which is the story of her life, experience with mental illness, and recovery which is also a polemic and an apologetic based on the problem of evil. Experts in the field from Harvard, Yale, Boston University, the University of Iowa, and elsewhere have provided endorsements in support of this memoir.

In 2018, Wipf & Stock Publishers, Resource Publications, released Ms. Murphy’s second major work, To Loose the Bonds of Injustice: The Plight of the Mentally Ill & What the Church Can Do, which combines memoir and a scholarly review of history, and reflects the author’s spiritual and psychological journey in life. 

The latest publication: The Collected Writings of Marcia A. Murphy, Christus Magnus Medicus Sanat (Christ, the Great Physician, Heals), was released in March 2020. View Author Video for more information.

In Press: Reflections on the Meaning of Mental Integrity: Recovery from Serious Mental Illness. Summary Here

Ms. Murphy has read her work on WSUI, the University of Iowa’s radio station on the program Talk of Iowa, Live from the Java House. She has also read on live television. See the link below for a listing of her presentations. In recent years she has volunteered at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the Patients’ Library where she was the statistician. Earlier she received the Above and Beyond Award for her work with a handicapped pediatric patient.

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