Small Handbook of Mental Health

A Small Handbook of Mental Health

Portal to a New Life


Marcia A. Murphy





 In this work the author, as someone in the recovery process from serious mental illness, discusses factors that were problematic in her life and solutions that have made her life meaningful. She explains how these things came about, how important certain healing factors are, if they sometimes seem fragile.

In the listing of factors—psychological, social, spiritual, biological—the author stops to discuss each one and mentions briefly her own experience with each, first from the standpoint of illness; then, from the perspective of recovery. For each factor she suggests what the seriously mentally ill person can do to solve similar problems or how to take advantage of good circumstances.

People who have a mental illness may find this a helpful resource to aid in their own recovery and clinicians who treat the mentally ill will gain new insight into the diverse causes of psychiatric illness and how recovery, with what the author argues are universal terms, are applicable to all.