The Compassionate Psychiatrist by Marcia A. Murphy

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The Compassionate Psychiatrist

Russell Noyes Jr, MD

Redefining Mental Healthcare

By Marcia A. Murphy

From the cover:

I owe my psychiatric recovery process to several key figures. Russell Noyes Jr, MD, was one such personality, a physician without whom I would have undoubtedly been homeless, starving, and without hope. Hope, then, is key and Dr. Noyes was the embodiment of hope offered as a sacrifice to heal the wounded soul. He said that God had called him to be a psychiatrist. He touched many lives and I’m grateful to have known him. His unwavering and steadfast support helped me through many difficult circumstances and trials. Psychiatry is extremely challenging for all the healthcare providers who work in this field. Dr. Noyes even told me that he couldn’t have done his job without his faith which was what held him up. Character, then, what a person is made of, becomes evident by the fruit. What does a life leave behind in its wake? In this book discover how one man influenced my life for the better and had a major impact upon my mental health.