Deliverance: Why We Pray

As the great author and psychiatrist, M. Scott Peck, said:

“Psychiatry will only succeed when it mscottpeckphotoacknowledges and treats the spiritual dimension of mental illness.”

Medicine, alone, will not cure mental disorders. Psychotherapy, alone, will not cure behavior disorders. Love and support, alone, will not heal the broken hearted and those with mental problems. What we need is prayer and a higher power to deliver us from evil.

A perspective of materialism will deny the reality of the spiritual world. Many in the field of science fall into this trap. With the help of the theologian and, subsequently, the Torah and the New Testament a worldview conducive to healing can develop. Activities such as worship services, daily scripture reading with prayer—both corporate and private—gives spiritual protection not found in a secular setting. The religious view is that demons seek to control the thoughts and actions of humans which causes not only great suffering for them but also turmoil for those around him/her. I have seen this happen in other people and from my own experiences. I believe in an experiential way that mental illness can only be cured by a deliverance from evil and people with mental illness need to take some responsibility for what is going on in their lives. And prayer is a powerful tool to defeat the devil.

But what kind of prayer? We need a prayer of deliverance.

Here is how I pray:

ALMIGHTLY GOD, Creator of Heaven and earth, I praise you for you are Holy. Thank you for all your goodness to me. I repent for all my sins, all the evil I have said and done in thoughts, words, and deeds. Please forgive me. I repent for things done and left undone. Please give me grace. Fill me with the Holy Spirit—protect me from ALL evil, keep me safe. Lord Jesus, please expel any evil demons out of me and send them into the pigs. Cast them out and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Protect me. Let your Spirit surround me and keep me safe here and as I go out of my home today. Let my spirit be one with yours and may your will be done—not mine. For you are God and I am not. Let me be a blessing to all I associate with. Give me a teachable heart, help me to learn, and grant me wisdom. Please help me with my loneliness. Lord, How can I know you better? Help me to hear you as you guide me. Give me clear guidance. Guide my leaders, too, in every area of my life. Help me to forgive those who hurt me and abuse me. Bless them, my enemies; give them what they need. For you will not forgive me if I don’t forgive others. Give me a humble heart full of humility; I do not want to be arrogant or proud or boastful. Teach me your ways.  Give me an undivided heart, meaning and purpose for my life. Give me courage to deny myself and to take up my cross daily. Give me courage to face persecution and to always turn the other cheek; to never return evil for evil. Light my path and may all my work and life point only to you, giving glory to you and honor forever and ever.
In Jesus Christ’s Holy and precious name I pray. Amen and Amen. Yes and Yes.